Check out a few shots from our selected projects. While we offer a wide variety of services to the residents of East Tennessee, we approach each project with a personalized plan to guarantee success and satisfaction.

Our goal is to provide professional, tailored landscape design services to businesses and residents near Knoxville, Tennessee. Contact us today to craft a remarkable outdoor space with River Valley Landscapes.


At River Valley Landscapes, we pride ourselves on being the environmentally friendly approach to a tasteful outdoor space in the Knoxville, Tennessee area.

We utilize naturally occurring plant species and rocks sourced locally from our beautiful East Tennessee. We consider ourselves artisans who maintain a deep connection to our land and to our passion of providing unique and memorable landscape design.

When we design our residential or outdoor spaces, we’re mindful of the topography and the home or business owners tastes and preferences. By looking to the land around us, and to our experience as designers, we’re able to craft truly remarkable outdoor spaces that our customers love.

Contact River Valley Landscapes today to see how we can make your landscape design dream come true.